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Matrix 2012 Visage

Matrix 2012

What word works to define visualizing a fiber to be inserted in DNA (to go back to the original vision described in Journal Excerpts)? It is not exactly to see, intuit, channel, envision, deduce, induce or any of myriad words used with respect to acts of creation or discovery. I've settled on educe, although it is not something I've ever said or even knew existed. The free online dictionary defines educe: "To draw or bring out; elicit. See Synonyms at evoke. 2. To assume or work out from given facts; deduce". So it is simultaneously getting and putting. I like that.

Matrix 2012 is a collection of pages about acting on a vision, which is evolving into an art fiction movie. These pages and links are background and serve to supplement the final movie. See Plot and Location, Practices and Cast of Characters. On Dec. 20, 2012 a local event: "Visions on the Night Before a New Era" provides a workshop to act out this experience, encouraging all to look within and share their own visions (see Facebook page event). On Dec. 21, 2012, Shift Happens.

Plot and Location - Overview

Rosaspata overview


The latest vision is at the top. That is to make it easy to follow progress, week to week. Also, these visionary practices might stand on their own, but at present are studies, parts of which might or might not be included in a Matrix 2012 video, a single defragmented presentation.

Walking Meditation Visions Flower footstep with Hunab Ku seeds

Matrix 2012 movie Matrix 2012 movie, part 1

Breathing Tetlix Global Breathing Tetlix Global

Breathing 8 Tetlix 8 tetlix lined up

Breathing Tetrahedrons for DNA Strand Breathing tets Breathing tets 2

Concentric Breathing Breathe In/Out breathe in breathe out

Tetrahelix for DNA Strand tetrahelix (tetlix)

Brain Constellations Brain constellations

Getting Tones for Breathwork Practices Getting tones for breathwork practices

Cast of characters

matrix 1980 1981, a fearful confrontation of ocho hombres (8 men) around me on vision quest near Rosaspata, Peru. I called this peak Matrix and fancied a feminine ray entering, to balance a masculine ray long active in the area of the Himalayas.

ocho hombres 2012 Ocho hombres as a team, with fear lost.

ocho hombres in transition 2012 Ocho hombres in consciousness transition

me or Wholeo symbol 2012 me, via the Wholeo symbol.

Wave breathing out character

Breathing Out character. For studies incorporating breathe in and breathe out, see Concentric Breathing.

loxodrome breathe in character Breathing In character. For studies incorporating breathe in and breathe out, see Concentric Breathing.

Matrix 2012 Visage Red Hand Red Hand is symbolic link to Matrix, which cannot be visualized. Now also transforming as the purple Matrix 2012 Visage

EIE EIE, structure of expanding consciousness.

Five Eyes of Candelaria Candelaria and the Five Eyes of Universal Mind.

triangulation Triangulation, in which two distant places related to each other via the stars. In this case it will between now and then, north and south, lakes in US and SA, stars in either hemisphere, us and them, and breathing in and out. See Google map of two locations.

directions Eight directions: E W N S up down in and out.

DNA DNA as tetrahelix. That is, instead of being a double helix, it is a twisted strand made of tetrahedrons. Add a new strand. See Breathing Tetrahedrons for DNA Strand.

Geome Geome, whose crystalline nature augments the center of the Red Hand and transmit crystal energy from the star Sirius.

Ins Ins, whose inscribed message inspires.

Galaxy people Galaxy People are connected between Mt. Shasta and a mountain in Peru as first visualized here, stored, and connected.

northern cross Northern Cross constellation of stars (Cygnus) visible in the northern hemisphere.

southern cross Southern Cross constellation of stars (Crux) visible in the southern hemisphere.

feminine ray catcher Feminine ray catcher.

earth Earth.

METMajor Event of Transformation body (MET)

See also Journal Excerpts, educe and Rosaspata.

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