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Funicula finds that on the physical level Shasta is a dormant volcano. The patterns of dirt and rock are lovely. It's great to explore, following the lava flows. It can also be seen in its true nature, as light. The buildings on the astral level are quite busy. Funicula doesn't take much interest, as they are mostly devoted to the "hierarchy" and to her are gross and distorted.

She becomes involved in welcoming large quantities of galaxy people in the bowels of the earth. This is their time to arrive. We can use all we can get. They look almost like vibes in their angularity. Maybe store them on a storage block (human psychic structure)??? All the vibe structures Funicula knows are inefficient. These vibes are 3D and complex.

Funicula opens up an annex in the Peruvian building. To open the door she expands the jewel in a Kriya emblem she imagines. Was there a sound? The building has vast rooms and eventurally connects up with the center of the earth and Mt. Shasta.

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Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People page 23

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