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In yoga this A.M.

Tunnel in the mountain (female reversal). A structure gathering energy from the top of Mt. Shasta. In Kriya today, are primary colors. Chant: "Now now, now now." Funicula notes a pattern cut on a rock. There is a person with a light bar face. Above is information about how to translate intuition into life action (above, left).

Coming down for gas, Funicula knows this town is not the place to be. "Coff Coff." Waiting in line, Funicula wonders about the mysteries of the process she's become involved in, as an act of faith. Shasta is naturally a volcano. That state is heightened by a synergistic effect of nature and human consciousness-raising, awareness action, outer space contact, and the spirit world. Maybe Shasta could be an energy source. Science could study what we do in meditation. (How we tap the mountain storehouse). Then develop and amplify the process.

Back on high, Funicula explores McGinnis springs meadow. The ranger said this was an energy center.

There's no vibration here. This must be a center.

Funicula is drawn to a path heading toward Gray Butte, but must try farther east first.

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Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People page 9

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