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She drives a few miles to MacKenzie Butte straight south of the peak. She takes her overnight pack and heads for a green hilltop. The woods are clogged with dead trees. She feels trapped, gives up, and turns back.

There's a vibe of power here. Skirting the woods is also impossible. Spirit shows Funicula a power plant. She is to dig the root as deeply as possible. She dabs the white juice on her inner eye and nibbles a leaf. Bitter!

Are they ancient pyramid temples?

Contemplating the pyramid-like formations on the mountain tops, Funicula decides to put the power plant in a vision pillow. It makes her feel beyond high or low. She names it "Even". Driving past MacKenzie Butte, she hears the guidance, "CUT. DEEP. PURPLE. ROCK." She returns to McGinnis Springs and heads up the path to camp. She finds another meadow. On the path, in the dust, she sees ... ... tracks of "waffle-foot" ... a companion, maybe? She follows the trail to its end at a campsite where "wafflefoot" apparently has become absorbed in the woods. She turns back and up onto a desert-like plateau of pumice sand. This feels like the spot. She spreads her tent.

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