There's a big celebration for Funicula. Now that she's gotten so big, many more can take part.
This line-up at this time is the fastest way for the galaxy people to get in to earth. If someone has a need for them, it's like a black hole, a gravitational center. Very few come, if not asked.

Funicula imagines how the galaxy person aura will affect those she meets. They will be in the center of galaxy consciousness. They will shut it out, pretend it's not there, fear it, say it's not true, and still be very affected by it. Funicula can help by connecting with their connections and bridging gaps. She can just be an actress in the galaxy's dream.
She wonders if she could center the galaxy aura more, if it would affect people less overwhelmingly and she could take more responsibility. If they seem ready, she can then move it out and let them experience the center. Funicula knows ego is her obstacle to centering the aura. She doesn't understand how to transmute it. It seems there's no room for her earth center and her galaxy center at the same place. What does a galaxy person do? Same as earth and better, higher, bigger, and so on?

As Funicula questions and gathers information, she thinks of her friends. "Bless Frank and Georgiana, they are so much with me." "Bless the man, holding out for the light."

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