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To the left of the path, on a ridge, a large cracked boulder calls. Funicula goes to sit on it, seeing a perfect camping meadow beyond. When up comes dark energy from divine earth mother, filling her. (Cutaway view.)

Up at Horse Camp, everyone talks only of the climb, of the physical feat of mounting Shasta. Funicula finds no one who speaks of the trip within Shasta. No companion. The water from the spiring is good, but there are no visions.

So she goes back to her place of power, the meadow by Crack Rock. When Funicula approaches, the meadow seems to say, "O Ho! Yay! You have come at last."

In the night, the wind blows fiercely, a scattering of drops. Funicula hurries to the edge and puts up her tent between trees. It's freezing cold. In the morning, she's miserable and regrets being such a loner. "I'll consider more what I can do with others," she vows. Thanking Power Meadow, she leaves. The connection is there, but she can't tune into it.

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Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People page 4

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