The sensation of the cavern is undulating, like being in a washer, getting the treatment.

Funicula see Mt. Shasta as a structure of light.

"Ha, Ha, I've got you now!", (says a strange voice. Funicula asks,) "Do you come from the light?" POP. There are many creatures not from the light here.

Funicula gets cosmic juices as transmuted in a galaxy person - green with gold stripes and edges.

At this time Funicula goes into a trance. She is becoming a galaxy person. Later, she can visit more. They are not bringing her messages. They are helping her BE one. At last she returns and goes to sleep. Her last thought is: "How great to know of the appointment and keep it."

At one point, traveling astrally near Peru, S.A., Funicula sees Tommy. He's a friend from the light and the Red Hand, a mystical group that searches for truth and sends out raised vibes , teaching and healing our planet.

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