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On the way down, Funicula sees a great view of Shasta and Shastina. She does Kriya Yoga to get into the mountain pyschically. There are four stages in each alternate breathing exercise. She does it five times.

  1. On breathe in left nostril, she activates the mountain.
  2. On breathe out right nostril, she becomes one with the mountain (above - below).
  3. On breathe in right nostril, she takes of print of the mountain.
  4. On breathe out left nostril, she centers the new in herself. A. Between Shasta and Shastina. B. Shastina. C. Shasta. D. Shasta plus Shastina. E. Pyramid temple on Shastina. It seems to be closest to her, a rich molten gold-pink feeling inside. Funicula plans to climb there someday.

    God/dess sends clouds to know our fanciful thinking.

    Doing yoga, Funicula is uninspired. "I still am not really here!"

    It's too cold to do anything right.

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