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Her plan is to travel to the stars in Sagittarius, the center of the galaxy, now when the earth is the closest it gets all year. The full moon will help her get off in astral travel.

Sun Earth Moon Path Sagittarius.

All year she has planned to camp at Mt. Shasta and get into it, as literally as possible. Also Peru haunts her. What does that have to do with it?

In A.M. the farmer reappears. "Hello, I wouldn't stay too much longer!" Funicula goes to meditate down the road. "Got a problem?" The lady who owns this land comes to investigate the stranger. Funicula drives on. She sees Mt. Shasta suddenly, very near the town of the same name.

Funicula checks in at the ranger station, the bookstore, the Safeway (supermarket), A.S.S.K., and Thrifty (drug store). Nowhere is there anyone who might be a companion. So Funicula sets off for Horse Camp to reconnect with the visions she had there when she climbed Mt. Shasta in 1975.

Up come vertical stabs of energy from earth. The stabs are raked off by horizontal waves of energy.

Stab - Wave
Stab - Wave

Vigorous interchange.

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