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Funicula wakes to gaze at the clouds stroking Mt. Shasta. She feels the grab of the moon's vibration. She sleeps. She wakes at 10. The moon is in Sagittarius tonight. It's still and warm here.

Funicula now knows it's easy to go to Sagittarius. But what to do and see? Some people with light bar faces appear. Ten years ago, Funicula said to the center of the galaxy: "I want to do you." (She meant she wanted to be in harmony with the nature of the galaxy.) Directions were installed.

Mt. Shasta has her head in the clouds. A bright rainbow appears to the right of the moon. Now something is getting changed. Funicula applies for new papers at the bureaucracy at the center of the galaxy. She sleeps. At midnight Funicula wakes. The moon is strong. She thinks, "This is my chance." ... and goes right to sleep again.

Morning. Way past dawn, sun in east, cloud cover on the mountain, the air is warm.

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