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This is the angle of entry of the Galaxy People Energies.

Heading for the south slope of Mt. Shasta on the first full moon past the summer (June) solstice, Funicula (a seeker) leaves the San Francisco bay area. She drives straight north up the central valley of California. Her goal, the mystic mountain, is hidden by the atmosphere.

She has given up companionship:

"Wanna climb Mt. Shasta with us, later?" "No."

"Yeah, I'd like to go later, love." "No."

"Goodby, daughter! Have fun in N.Y. with dad. Work hard, son!"

"This is My land. You got a problem?"

Light spot over sunset. Rainbow near Mt. Shasta. Funicula sleeps way south of Mt. Shasta. In reverie, she dreams that the galaxy angle is reversed in the human egg.

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