An entrance to Mt. Shasta underground.

There's an impassable chasm between Funicula and the green hilltop directly east. But she can see an outcropping of stones that must be an entry. To the south is the "notch" she saw last night. To the north, the peak. All is set. All is quiet and peaceful. 5:00 P.M. Immediately come visions!

The spine of a galaxy person is not straight. It's a wheel. The kundalini is different. The colors are a color wheel. The brain is different, and the memories too. The person is lots bigger than an earth person. When you "join," your spine isn't lost. It's just linked - mostly by ritual. You lose your aloneness, yet become more unique. You whole spine may be just part of the red chakra. The chakras and prana paths are more important organs of consciousness than the brains. Funicula reflects apprehensively, "Does this imply I'm going to grow a body in this pattern?"

A bug digs a hole for the night.

A galaxy person can appear in whatever form per desires by EMPHASIS. Something speaks to Funicula saying, "Take before you the piece of wood you found today. I am taking this form for you so as to be with you. I am your teacher, when you hold me." Funicula watches as Per tries and tries and tries and finally manages to shrink and enter the wood. "Are there other students of the galaxy perople?" she asks. "Yus!" comes the reply. "How can I meet them?" No answer.

Funiclula muses. It all has a logic to it. First, she got visions of people's psychic structure. Then she learns we are an illusion. We create so-called reality. Then she's given information about galaxy people so she can recreate herself with others.

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