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Trying to get her bearings, Funicula drives around to the other (NE) side of the mountain (see 2 on the map), a windy, dusty place.

The Map. (1) Start at the meadow on the Horse Camp trail. Go through Mt. Shasta city, past Black Butte, Weed, and Whitney Creek to the other side of Shastina (2). Go back to Mt. Shasta city and continue on to McCloud (3). Then head up the south side of Mt. Shasta (4).

At the other side (2), she feels nothing, takes a nap, sees "El Ol Portal" (in a fleeting vision), drinks from Whitney Creek, and wants to climb Black Butte, which looks like the positive of Shasta's hollow insides. (3) Funicula tries to drive past McCloud, but the road is closed. The "geometrical" approach is not yielding much. Funicula decides to go straight for her goal: to find a camping spot south of Shasta. She drives up bumpy logging roads. Lured onward by tantalizing views of the peak, she finally turns back, discouraged. But ... on the way down is a 180-degree panorama of the southern sky. (4) This is what she needs to travel to Sagittarius. It's open! And behind her, a good view of the mountain peak.

Mt. Lassen. The notch. Castle Crags. The first thing to do is sketch the scene without power lines, to de-power them. They go the wrong way. There are rainbows over the "notch" due south. Feed the great Shasta Red Fir trees. A ranger stops by to show her where to find water. Sundown. Sleep. Funicula reaffirms her intention to go to Sagittarius.

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