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Belly down to earth. Greet the divine mother in the center of Mt. Shasta. Funicula has been doing this every morning for four years.

Lie back, belly up to sky. Dissolved in the mountain, she partakes of the amethyst currents of the top, over the mountain.

Sitting up, she tries to consolidate the lavendar currents outside Mt. Shasta and bends the rainbow aura in. (Steps 1, 2, and 3.)

People live in the mountain astrally. They are delighted at this consciousness. Funicula wishes they would allow her to visit them. The contact vertically releases many subtle colors, which emanate out like hazy pillars of clouds from the central core. The guidance channel above Mt. Shasta is widened and strengthened just like the channel of a person's aura. Mt. Shasta has more power the more we work with her.

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Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People page 8

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