Funicula wakes after dawn the day of the full moon. Satisfaction! An important purpose has been accomplished. A goal of diverse roots and long cumulative preparations has been consummated. "I did it!" That rings wrong to Funicula. "We have happened" is closer. The sun hits her head and Funicula thinks: "It looks like a lot of what I'm learning has to do with light. We can only see reflected light except for starlight and artificial light, which is sufficiently dim for us. But to see everything directly as light! Mt. Shasta wasn't admitting light from the moon (although it had a diamond-like structure). It was light. And the beings ... were they in light bodies?"

Doing Yoga:
"Are these images set up like a do-it-yourself educational system?" Funicula is often amazed at the next images. What a dream life is.
Funicula desires to bring dreams over her control. This pilgrimage is a waking dream. A dream maker doesn't just tell stories. One plays them out in the reality of one's desire. On belly up, Funicula feels Mt. Shasta's aura is now open on top. Channeling is happening. There's an upward blaze of heat.

This line-up has got Funicula in a cocktail shaker.
Here come the sun's rays. Some go right through Funicula and the earth. They bounce back from the moon. The moon adds her rays. Then here come the rays from the center of the galaxy. The lining up of energies causes a fibrous reciprocal action. Through its balance, Funicula is helped to integrate the new ingredients and ways with her ingrained habits. It is purifying.
Here come the galaxy people.

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