Funicula asks the galaxy person: "What has the mountain to do with this?" Per replies, "Mt. Shasta is a factory for making galaxy people. The bigger the curve, the more angular the parts can be." Funicula says again, "How do people become galaxy people?" Per says, "They grow as you are. When they are ready, they can come to Mt. Shasta where development can be speeded."

"All this information and all the reports are distorted because of the false, insufficient concepts the language is based on. One can't build a smooth wall with rough bricks. Funicula, you are devoted. you have done well. You have a long way to go!" Funicula sleeps and wakes to the bright full moon in a misty sky. A mouse nibbles her backpack. She hears a sound like a combination siren and church bell gong.

Her watch stops working, but she can see it's before midnight. Radiant beings of tiny lights spaced out (possibly ascended masters) encircle her. One speaks. Funicula reacts defensively. Her mind wanders. She fusses with her backpack to make it mouseproof. She dwells on the electricity of lovemaking. She thinks of unradiating light and a man who shares it. She feels attuned to oneness.

Funicula takes the hand of a radiant being who pulls her (astral body) through the air, wafts open the stone door, and takes her down into Mt. Shasta.

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