breathing patterns

Educing a strand of DNA

Use visualizing breathwork linking times, places, and events to imaginatively evolve DNA. See a video of Getting Tones for Breathwork and a graphic of Brain Constellations. The practice is envisioned in the links below. Above is a diagram connecting 2012 USA with 1981 Peru in breathing patterns via the stars. See locations on a Google Map.

Need to help visualize each constellation as a tetrahedron as animated in tetrahelix.

Need to be able to triangulate each breath in and out between the two constellations. One within view (Crux or Cygnus), the other imagined. The journal excerpt on 4/22/2012 defines the annual Educe Breathing season from May 23 to October 12, when the constellations are each visible at 9 pm from respective N and S locations.

Need to be able to imagine breathing in three stages (research good info on that). Also shamanically ennact the process as three spheres in and three waves out. Research visualizations of spherical spiral to wave, which could be stated using the word loxodrome (new to me).

So here is my plea, if you find this page and are mystically inclined, follow the story and suggested practices.


Blessings be, Caroling

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