Breathing Tetrahedrons for DNA Strand

This 13-minute movie (or short one-tet movie) is an aid to practicing creative visualization for educing a DNA strand. It is a study for part of Matrix 2012, a project in progress. The purpose is to concretely imagine DNA enhanced with a third strand, forming a triple helix. Since it is made of a chain of geometrical figures called tetrahedrons, the model is called a tetrahelix. I've shortened that to "tetlix" for virtual or etheric models constructed with Matrix 2012 intentions.

First imagine the world globe, being in North America (NA) and relating to a mountain Pacha Mama shrine with eight friends in Peru northeast of Lake Titicaca, in South America (SA). From NA look up in the sky and see the constellation Cygnus, called the Northern Cross (N stars). Imagine the practitioners in Peru looking up to see Crux, the Southern Cross (S stars). With each phase of breathing, imagine that you are creating a triangle stretching between three of the four locations. Four triangles are the elements of a tetrahedron. Imagine them transforming via an intermediate body, a haptihedron (rhombicuboctahedron) that aids evolutionary consciousness transitions. The triangles become equilateral (equal sides) and assemble into a a four-sided tetrahedron, a three-sided pyramid with a base. Guide the tetrahedron into position initiating a tetrahelix or tetlix.

The movie has 20 breathings to do, manifesting 20 faces on a tetrahelix. The starting tetrahedron (tet) is breathed in from earth (NA and SA) with basic colors: red, yellow, green and blue. The alternate tet is breathed in from the stars (N and S stars) with secondary colors: orange, yellow-green, turquoise and purple. I'm not sure of the significance but on a practical level, the two sets of colors help distinguish the alternating tetrahedrons as they build the tetlix.

Use visualizing breathwork linking times, places, and events to imaginatively evolve DNA. The practice is envisioned in the links below. So here is my plea, if you find this page and are mystically inclined, follow the story and suggested practices.

Breathed tet transforms

Filled tetlix

from the movie


Blessings be, Caroling

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