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Wholeo guide to above - Triangulation

The Above guide describes the Triangulation panel the dome Wholeo.

In the middle of Arrow, front and center of the dome, directly at high noon is "Triangulation." Many viewers feel Triangulation is the most complete-within-itself panel in Wholeo. Voted "most likely to be able to stand alone." Other images of it: First up on frame, in Context, Front Center, Context, Closer, Detail. See also Triangulation Galactic.

When I was becoming receptive to these images, I had stepped out of time and so you might think that a position in space would be irrelevant also. But I was at the same time learning a lot about astronomy. I watched the position of sun, moon, and stars. I read up on explanations of them and was pleased that I could make sense of what I observed. Somehow I thought I could understand myself better by seeing how I related to the celestial sphere. But I longed to live close to the wilderness, wild nature. In the city I felt that the materialism made it hard to contemplate cosmic phenomena. So I went on vacation to the Maine Mountains. I fancied I was going to triangulate.

In a paper, "New Species on the Moon," I defined triangulation as: "Use two known points for the base line of your triangle. From each of these points measure the angle made by the base line and a line sighted towards the celestial object of contemplation. When you have a line and two angles you can construct a small triangle showing the third angle and relative lengths of the other two lines."

So I was going to Maine to measure angles of my experiences. The design came from this. The two planets or globes are my two positions, relating to the relatively fixed stars. I sought in the design to make a structure in which you could find any kind of relationship, such as I-Thou, you and me, or earth and another planet.

At that time I was studying the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC. I thought it was a magnificent setting to learn the best of the tradition of my medium, stained glass. The Cathedral is second in size only to St. Peter's in Rome. And since it has been being built for over 50 years and still is not finished, many styles in glass are represented, some from abroad. I decided a mixture of red, green, and white glass against a field of blue was the quintessence of the high I got from the old glass. The colors combined to create an indefinite twinkling.

Each of the two prisms cast two spectrums on the floor varying with our position relative to the sun. Or varying with the sun.

The shapes in Triangulation make a marvelous play with the basic elements of the dome shape, the way things curve around, and the angularity of the frame.

In summary, Triangulation, the round central panel, is about two places (make that entities, events, planets, or people) that are separated in space or time and how they are related through the white light or through the stars of white light.

Surrounding Triangulation is Arrow.

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