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The birth-life-death arc in this dome oriented towards the sun, is surrounded by dark blue glass which widens at the East-West bases to include two panels of more cosmic relationship. This is the Breathe Out panel in the west. Click the medium size graphic for a large graphic. Follow the description in the all around view panorama.

Breathe out is practically all blue. It has another name: black holeThe Black Hole. See two pieces of the gravity sink as parts of a black circle peeking round the flow down of leaded blues. It may be a result of the double vortex or whirlpools whirling back into it.

As an aside I'll mention this section is a spoof of the common practice of designing a window with lead lines, then later coloring the spaces. It shows how leadlines alone are not effective for delineating space in stained glass. Color changes, irrespective of lead lines, work. Here no changes work to void space.

The mist of blue is more remote than death. Tune down the flame of your spirit so no one could find it. Be utterly still. Be completely breathed-out. Make your field as dense as the gravity in a black hole, so collapsed, any light that comes near is drawn inside never to return, unless it's in a white hole beyond. Since no light is reflected your can't see it, it is pure absorption. This is a massage of the spirit. And could be a preparation for who knows not what.

In July, 2005, another view. Go east to Breathe In. Go southwest to Death.

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