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Wholeo guide to parts of the Sun Path death panels

On the sun path in Wholeo, the western death panels come after the Brain Cell and Information Storage Block of consciousness at noon in the south. They are the Moment of Death, Slow Death, and Death End. Listen to questions and answers between a visitor and the guide, Wonder.

Moment of Death

death momentWonder: "Now we are properly oriented to be turned around by the Moment of Death (large image). It has a whirl of vibes around it (three sets of three curved vibes). That shows that it's moving and connected to the deep blue ground. Superimposed on a rubbing of a NYC manhole cover (see the whites perfectly woven or juxtaposed) are the squished hexagons of life in strands of reds and cool colors. The white rectangles look like sick spots, perhaps, a rigidity. Alternatively they are the structure and weaving of an integrated individual. The lightning moment of the severance of the cord of life flashes through the yellow.

"A branch once fell on the Information Storage Block panel and shattered a few pieces, now patched with lead strips - the irregular web of lines. It was an appropriate panel for the accident, coming right before death."

Visitor: "Did the lightning do that?"

Wonder: "No, the spots and lightning are simultaneous parts of the design of the Moment of Death. This panel has a lot of separate meanings. The oppositely positioned whites could just be interweaving of white light."

Visitor: "Desperate oppositions to..."

Slow Death and Transition

death endmomentslowtransitionendWonder: "Things that were woven tightly before, now start to come apart. The forms change from the circle around the brain cell to the hexagon around the Storage Block to the opposed shapes in Moment of Death through the zigzag of L shapes in Slow Death (or medium or large version). They're getting increasingly rigid, so it's easier for them to come apart - no flow. And those form changes are used to show death. The structural members are also tightly packed and rigidly coiled. Can you see this pattern as ropes coiled of red, blue, red, blue, and so on? See them pulled inexorably down in dissolution. Opening in space, in color, the light flows down the corners. The Ls are separate in color. What was cohesive in life slides apart in death.

Visitor: "What's the next form after that?"

Wonder: "Transition. Darkened and almost completely unwound, the transition to Death End. The Transition panel twists the forms in Slow Death. The color, going into violet, fades into greys, browns."

Visitor: "It winds up down here?"

Death End

Wonder: "Yes, at Death End. The squiggles in Death End are similar to the ones in the Magenta Cosmic Juices near the BC. They're spirally rising forms. Here they are spiralling and descending. Finally they lose their weaving quality and become straight and rigid. At last they turn and become horizontal with earth. This is death of the material body."

Visitor: "The Storage Block's going down to Death End?"

Wonder: "Yeah. I like those subtle dark deep rich colors. Death really is beautiful. Sometime I'd like to see the sun go down in the west behind that panel. In Sonoma county, California, sunsets behind trees and hills always make the colors glow mutedly with wonderful resonances. I've never been able to see a sunset of a far off horizon from the dome. Hopefully, there will be a day, when there will be a fully sun site for Wholeo. And we'll see how my plan worked.

Visitor: "Someday? Ha. Ha."

Wonder: "Someday Over the Rainbow Wholeo will be seen. Why oh why can't it be now?

"You see the filament of light galaxy green that springs up at dawn in rebirth, here is buried in grey. The old hexagons and spirals of life are drained of color and form. They slump in to horizontal stairs that march right on down, only to make slightly echoing ripples in the aqua surround. However the strong verticals round up thru the earth again at dawn. That's how it should be. Go down to death feet first. Now you should be totally relaxed, free from the tensions of life and death."

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