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And now we come to the magnificent brain cell, not in all its glory, but in as much of its glory as was possible to catch in stained glass by me at that time. The image is a cross-section of a sphere, in four sections, showing four phases of action. In the background, the red and blue yin-yang swirls show the outside of the brain cell, which I call the "Sphere of the Emotions."

The space between the four sections is a ventilation cross, formed by the edges of the two Tetrahedronal Light Muscles (TLMs). See a hint of a Cosmic Juice station at the end of each arm. The white details in the glass panes are achieved by etching away flashed color layers in hydrofluoric acid, such as red or blue over white. I painted details in golden yellow stain, black paint, and silvery glazes on panes fired in a kiln at a temperature that melts the surface of the glass.

A cube fits inside the sphere at the ends of the arms too, which I call the Storage Block. Here and there along it's outer edges are whirling Smallest Units of Life (SULs). They are the incoming and outgoing sensations and messengers, the connection with the rest of your being, or your body. There's probably another connection with your whole being, consciousness, aura, via the same way pineal is connected. In three sections these messages are seen to trigger patterns of vibes on the edges of the Storage Block. We are looking through the block, through its transparent yellow faces front and back.

In the dome, the bottom of the brain cell is near the surround of the SUL. The top is near the Storage Block in the south over Adept's head. In this cross-sectional view, there are four parts of the Brain Cell showing four aspects of its functioning. Which way is up? Actually when you're looking at it, it doesn't make that much difference because you can perceive the four aspects any way. But it is important, because it's related to the feet and head of the person.

Brain Cell 1 The lower right section shows the Incoming Sensations along the right hand edge of the enclosed Storage Block. They trigger Information Vibrations shown as white or gray vibe shapes on the surface of the block. That is the info being recorded. The vibes interact with rods, causing a signal coming out from one rod (or coming in to it). See the concentric circles of gold. There are 24 rods in all extending between the front and back (or yellow) faces of the block. This section gives you a good view of the rods, as spring outlined in black, and the concentric rings of the signal coming out.

Brain Cell 2In the section above that (upper right hand) the light in the rods is off. You only see the round yellow ends. The Information Vibrations and TLM are much more visible here. The TLM is the little flurries of white dots in wavy action. Only one tetrahedron is shown because a second one would cover the view of the cell.

Brain Cell 3The lower left hand section shows the rings on the rods: black, yellow, and white bands take up varying amounts of space along the lengths of the rods. Many signals are recorded on the rods and broadcast out by light within the rod.


Brain Cell 4The upper left hand section shows radiations coming to and from rods in a brain cell (BC). Highly developed communication between all BCs resembles enlightenment, so it's light. You can see the Cosmic Juice at the ends of the central cross which is the edges of the TLM. The power comes along the lines and when the muscle is flexed, it fires the rods which illuminate the BC like a lantern, sending messages to other BCs. Another part in the circuit is the Pineal gland which is shown in a stained glass panel below in the dome. Here all the rods are completely activated constantly sending and receiving with total association, or communication within the system.

In 2004, a neuroscientist recognized this image and requested it for a book cover.

Information Storage Block

blockThe next panel is the "Storage Block," (also called the "Secret of Life") pulled out to see. It's simply red, yellow, and blue, 2 sides of each color (see it in all around view). In what sense does it relate to the Brain Cell? It shows part of the inner structure of the BC. A BC has a cube inside it that the Information Vibrations are stored on. The yellow face on this cube is the face we looked in, in the BC. That's where the Rods connect. The Blue and Red faces store vibes. It's turned around slightly from its position in the BC. It's correctly tipped vertically for its position around the body in the Overall Storage Block. The primary colors are big enough to "get in" for color healing, to sit in and help ourselves. See it just right of front center in the dome.

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