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Wholeo guide to parts of the Sun Path - Smallest Unit of Life (SUL)

The Smallest Unit of Life is round. The picture shows the 34-inch high glass panel before being installed on the dome.

Red energies swirl in a coil going clockwise on the outside into the top of the sphere. Blue energies swirl in a coil going counterclockwise on the inside into the bottom of the sphere.

SUL core detailBetween them, flashing from pole to pole, is an electric-like spark core of yellow whitish-green stuff. Here it is made from two layers of etched flash glass: yellow cut away to white and light blue cut away to white, overlapping. Click drawing to left for medium photo (or try larger than life-sized).

In the dome, the Smallest Unit of Life (SUL) is spiraling up as an incoming sensation in a mind. The vertical wavy lines suggest packing of brain cells, shown in art such as neuron.

SUL oil paintingHere's a study of an SUL, an oil painting, about 1970.

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