The Brain

Incoming sensationsColor

Incoming Sensations

Turning back toward Bear, as he reaches for her, they hug. He drops to rest on all fours, while Wonder gives herself to a new vision glowing in the inner space of the fetus. "Look at the rope trick," she urges Bear.

The origin of the strand is concealed out of focus below. It rises, coherently, terminating in a convoluted bulb that Wonder recognizes immediately is the brain. "This Point has a lot to do with the Whole, but I want to explore my innermost self."

Bear nods, still cogitating. Wonder remains poised like a brooding bronze thinker, watching the Incoming Sensations.

The merry band of globes is each a Smallest Unit of Life. Like atomic jewels, in stained glass colors, they are basically red or blue, but the meaning they embody makes them each slightly different. Turquoise, emerald, blue, ruby, sapphire, diamond, pinky pearl, azure, opal and so on.

"Are these nervous messages," asks Wonder quizzically?

She can resist no more. She looses hold on the Point and takes the next giant step toward "seeing" herself.

"If I don't go out of my mind, I think I'm going into my mind," she calls back to Bear, who waves goodby.

Color graphic on cover, see graphic 8, bottom middle.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 40 and 41

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