Inside SUL

Inside a Smallest Unit of Life

A tiny regret seeds itself into her consciousness, simultaneously with a great rush of liberation. Strange that letting go into an ascending fountain is in some way also a fall. She'll always long for the center and seek to evolve to recirculate there. When born, it is not easy.

A refrain plays in Wonder, 'Funicule, Funicula, Joy is everywhere, Tra la la la lala la la. Harken!' She exults in the silky rich feelings she is allowing herself. She feels like a spy, roaming the underground of her being.

Wonder goes into a Smallest Unit of Life, breathing, "amazing." What had appeared as red and blue bands in the Overall Smallest Unit of Life are a fine gathering of twinkling, subtly varied color radiants. Their space-size is hard to discern. The lights move irregularly within the general motion. They stretch unto forever. She looks down. Below her feet she imagines a surf beating in a bright starry night.

She hears a faint whish, like two breezes greeting. The outside is comforting, like a warm red hug. Wonder stares at the central core. It is a double electric spray. Spastic, sputtering, having a drastic time trying to bridge the gap between the poles.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 42 and 43

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