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Wholeo guide to parts of the Sun Path - Tetrahedronal Light Muscle (TLM)

The structure of a Tetrahedronal Light Muscle (TLM) in a brain cell is a couple of three-sided pyramids. The glass panel shows one tetrahedron expanded out in plain sight, simplified to flat sides. 1, 2, 3, 4 triangles enclose a volume that Buckminster Fuller believes is the basic building block of nature. The two that I saw in the brain cell are made of some substance moving faster than the speed of light. The four round gratings in the dome panel show where the muscle connects to the green/gold sandwiches, the Cosmic Juice stations. The gratings project circular light patches filled with tiny rainbows. They show up better in the start of the Sun Path photo.

SE sun pathMagenta juicesbrain cellcosmic juicesSUL

Here are the main panels between dawn and noon, between rebirth and consciousness, between birth and the mature brain cell. Cosmic juices in the aqua surround down to lower right vs. cosmic juices in magenta to upper left, in the process of expansion of consciousness. I don't know exactly how the TLM relates to the SUL, but both are part of the brain cell, coming up.

The triangles outline the skeleton of events that appear sketchily as dotted waves in the next panel. The TLM powers the inner light interrelating parts of the mind and whole being.

A single Cosmic Juice anchors a bottom vertex of the TLM in the brain cell. See two spread across the TLM top and bottom.

The panels between these main ones give the momentum of turning or growth, of sensations coming into the brain cell. Go back to SUL or forward to Brain Cell.
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