Cosmic Juices

Wholeo guide, Wonder

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Cosmic Juices are here in the Aqua arc. And others float, here and there around the dome. Following is question and answer session between a visitor and the guide, Wonder.

Visitor (referring to panel shown above): "This panel bothers me, being so rectangular."

Wonder: "It's the nature of stained glass. Sorry about that. There's nothing you can do about it. I think the only way to get around that would have been to lay each piece of glass on Wholeo as a whole. It might have been better if I had just changed the color drastically. But it's a close-up. It's like magnifying that part. It is a regular array of cosmic juices. Such an array might work with brain cells."

Visitor: "Oh, that explains it. This area is the whole deal right here (gesturing to the Aqua arc). And this is a magnified window in it. Yeah. OK that makes it more acceptable."

Crossescrosses w/cubeWonder: "Did you get the Crosses? They connect the brilliant power of the mind with the cosmic energy in the Cosmic Juices. In the picture to the right, see how the crosses form in an information storage block. Crosses are the edges of a tetrahedronal light muscle (TLM), and as such are light flexors.


Transmuting juicesTranmuted dropVisitor (looking at the panels shown to left and right): "What are those?"

Wonder: "'Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a Person' are where the juices flow in tubes. The Adept is becoming more aware; is starting to say, "Who am I?" This is a normal human process. See also Cosmic Juicing."

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