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Cosmic Juicing

The Transparentizers, which are larger versions of transparentizers, of royal fuchsia color, stand out, one over each tube.

In the dark, Wonder curls her fingers around two Dew Moons. Feeling with the direction of the light, up she coasts to a Transparentizer. When the Dew Moons touch it, they are strung into Memory Pre-Beads. The stripes are red, yellow, blue, white, and black.

Clinging to the spring, Wonder calls to her friends, "Hold the Dew Moons. When the light comes on, feel with the flow. Remember, the body is 99% water, but that's not counting the light. The body is 100% light. So be it."

One by one they join her. Wonder sees the Memory Pre-Beads reflected in Squirrel's dear shiny eyes as she arrives. Dog has trouble, always stopping to bark, but finally standing still and letting go.

Bear affirms; "I'm a Bear of Light. Let me go," which works. Spaced around the transparentizer, they have a good view of the dark regress they've passed over. The black void is measured only by small hot white energies bearing whirls of rainbows, drawn into a vortex. The green Admission Tubes are interwoven below but slant upward in herringbone pattern.

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 10, top left. Also Oil painting.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 54-55

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