Associations and Pre-Memory

Wonder fantasizes she's on a planet just her size, with exotic life forms. When the light goes on, Flashes from vibes and rings arc out from each Brain Cell in all directions. Dazzled by the display, she welcomes Squirrel, who avoids the Flashes and Dog, who snaps at them. Squirrel leaps on her shoulder. Dog is petted. Bear arrives on an Incoming Sensation.

"Hello," he growls, scaring Squirrel and Dog halfway around the Brain Cell.

"Speak softly," Wonder pleads. "I'm going up there," she points at a spring-like transparentizer. She reaches for a flying carpet vibe Flash. As it passes the tranparentizer, Wonder grabs on, imagining it is a space age city parking lot building. A Dew Moon condenses beside her. "Might this be the first step to being a memory," she wonders?

"Come see this," shouts Wonder from the transparentizer. Dog jumps on a vibe Flash. Squirrel, glancing nervously at Bear, takes the next. Bear is lost in thought. When the light goes on, they watch the Brain Cells toss associations. When the light goes off, they see the transparentizers strung with new Dew Moons.

Bear comes up. He points out an interesting irradiation. Every time the light goes on there is a spray of tiny Dew Moons, shot straight off the transparentizers in overlapping fans, toward the Admission Tubes above.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 52-53

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