Info Vibrations

Information Vibrations In and On Storage Blocks

There is a Cosmic Juice Station at each corner.

Wonder sees how the Brain Cell works. Power from the Cosmic Juice Stations comes through the tips of the Light Muscle, exciting the Rods, which glow on and off. They project the pattern of rings spaced along their lengths and the pattern of vibes on the sides of the Storage Block out into the brain. After each off, Wonder can see that the rings on the storage block are changed, as if plucked with no vibration.

She wonders, "Can it be they change in the light of rings and vibes coming from other Brain Cells? Is that what psychologists call association? Wonder recalls her intuition, 'We will send colors.' Could it possibly be that the Light Muscles could send the color messages to other's Brain Cells? She reasons: if her name occurs in vibes, they might be sent directly to other brains. She imagines vibe patterns flying thought the air and asks how to translate them.

Wonder rests awhile savoring these wonderful insights. Then she crawls out to survey the cluster of Brain Cells. The Sphere of the Emotions pale, revealing translucent Information Storage Blocks. The glistening lace of hexagonal outlines is cushioned by the twirling currents of the Incoming Sensations and Outgoing Messages. Image URLImage URL

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 50-51

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