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Brain Cell Bank - Structure and Energy, study 5

This is a study in the geometry of consciousness. A bank of Brain Cells opens to reveal structure and energy of Tetrahedronal Light Muscles (TLMs). The structure is two tetrahedrons fitting within the Brain Cell cube. The energy shows as traces of moving, springing patterns. Click each of four images above to see medium size versions. See also large versions: A, B, C, and D. The original drawing is from the Staten Island period (1968 - 1972).

I used a Wolfram Demonstrations Project example in Mathematica for this model. You can see the original in the Wolfram Mathematica Player, at this site:
Contributed by: Sándor Kabai
I used Snapz Pro X 2.12, Photoshop CS3, and Final Cut Pro for production.

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