Drawings in Staten Island, NY - Graphics

If you prefer, choose from a list of the following drawings. Click on a picture or the text to see a larger graphic or page. I add new drawings to the top of the list.

brain cell bank Brain Cell bank medium or large. See also notes of the discovery and added views of the interior (2008).

cosmic spheres Cosmic spheres

cosmic vibes to earth Cosmic vibes to earth

vibe icosa Vibe icosahedron, a 3D model of an icosahedron with a different vibe pattern on each face. See it in colored light and interactive immersive image sphere viewers.

neuron Neuron

signal Signal (or large version)

spores Spinning spores

design Insight Machine design


LifeLife series

vibe stationery Vibe stationery

Vibes - large and small Vibes - large and small


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