brain cell notes

Notes in Staten Island, NY - Brain Cell discovery

Undated page (1968-1972). Click the drawing for larger version. Here on the words written on the drawing:

"I have discovered key or basis of brain language. I can hardly believe it, but it seems head built of square blocks - literally building blocks.

"So why do we say 'mental block'?

"So why do we say 'block head'? (maybe that's what I've got!)

"So why do we say 'blocked'? (feeling)

"road block

"do you suppose research on word block would be fruitful?

"Egypt important. Also same as Fuller's for icosahedron. Background. of NUT ceiling ?enders. Wow!!!! Same as my discovery."

See a drawing that followed this discovery: Brain Cell Bank. You'll find many instances and further development throughout my work. This discovery followed the one of the Secret of Life Storage Block.

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