Wholeo dome panel glass

Concave table for glazing curved stained glass panels is framed in 2'x4' wood, filled with straw and plaster.
Soon replaced with other tables made of plastic. This glass is one of the first panels made for Wholeo Dome.

Art in Staten Island, NY

Zen and the art of Caroling includes oil painting, ink painting, drawing, stained glass, and expression in various other mediums. Here is a sampler of what could come.

brainI left SF, California in 1968 to get my son together with his father back east in New York. While there I made a short-lived cardboard dome on a Pearl St. roof, conceived my lovely daughter in brief rapprochement with Mel, did some stained glass commissions, and painted some ecstatic scrolls. See Mr. Feeling Come Home and Late 1960s Scroll Painting. I could not bear the city and moved to Staten Island. A friend (Irwin Klein) encouraged me to look at what I see with my eyes closed. With sight and insight ever more open as my consciousness expanded, I wanted to draw, paint, write, and express everything that I could see with my eyes closed. Big change. I made a model of the galaxy to understand the positions and rotations and angles of celestial objects, including earth and moon. On the solstice, December 21, 1970, I devoted the day to visions, writing this report and painting this scroll.


Sketches are the quickest way to record new ideas. I mixed media such as pencil, pastels, felt tip pens, and silk screen stationery in relatively impermanent form. My first experiments with a language of vibrations included this design specification for the interactive Insight Machine. The energy of brain processes looked like neurons. Here's one. More drawings, including a 3D icosahedron. Many notes included drawings. Here's one.

Oil painting

I painted and then ported the results to stained glass in Wholeo dome. Here are:

Gels - Transparent Arts - Light Conditioning

Designs for contact paper.

Stained glass

Before moving to Staten Island I did stained glass panels commissioned for the George and Rachel Resch home in Brooklyn Heights, New York. See "Grandpa's Rainbow".

The underlying concept for Wholeo, the stained glass dome came in 1967 in San Francisco. The major design of Wholeo crystalized over four years in New York. Actually it started with failed structures of cardboard, plastic, and tar on the roof of a loft on Pearl St, near the Battery in downtown Manhattan. Technical experimentation in numerous prototypes continued in Staten Island. Structure moved from cardboard to cast plastics to aluminum tubes. Color moved from gels to glass. Work table moved from opaque to transparent. A moment's sunlight Artistic experimentation involved a whole new way of seeing, mostly in painting and drawing. When about 20 panels were done, with glass, lead, and tubing supplies, it was time to move back to nature to finish the dome in California, ending in Monte Rio.

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