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Cosmic Consciousness Birthday Scroll Painting 12/21/1970

See the journal for this day, when I celebrated my 36th birthday and trip around the sun, focusing on my direct relationship with the solstice lineup with the center of the galaxy. This scroll painting expresses my feelings and intent to channel messages. A video of the entire painting taking 10 minutes to traverse (unrolling from the right and rolling up on the left) is in the works. See the YouTube version (see the scroll full size fullscreen in 1080 HD). (Offline: direct.)

The scroll is a continuous ink painting with colored inks on rice paper that is 11 inches high and several feet in length. Here are some views of it.

part of scrollpart of scroll 2part of scroll 2part of scroll 4

See Wholeo Galactic. See an earlier scroll painting from this period, Mr. Feeling Come Home.

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