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Vibes - large and smallscroll detail

Caroling, 36th birthday

In May, 2011, I'm paying attention to the ideas of Jose Arguelles. He urged us to change our calendar, to evolve earth's noosphere, to become synchronistic galactic beings in the year 2012. The 13-moon calendar new year starts on the Gregorian calendar day, July 25, 2011. In preparation, I'm looking back to my 36th birthday, December 21, 1970, where I took an early step in that direction. The vibe drawing above was from that time (see Staten Island drawings). The large and small vibes remind me of the large galaxy and the small self. In December, I'm celebrating the 77th birthday.

On August 10, 2011 I'm adding images of a video of the journal reference to a "report of cosmic consciousness". I produced a scroll painting with ink and watercolor on rice paper, expanding my zen art tradition.

Here's what I wrote in my journal.

"My 36th time around the sun. At noon, the sun shines in with light from Sagittarius stars and the center of the galaxy. The brightest time to be born in the shortest day, farthest out (from the center of the galaxy). This may be the secret of the Christmas "star".

"I reported cosmic consciousness (or messages from the galactic center) all morning, in an ecstasy of moving color medium that was real joy. At noon I stopped painting the scroll and sat with back to sun, opening hair to light. I sat up straight and repeatedly shook hair back into light. This accompanied great heightening of consciousness, simultaneous with 1. fear of losing touch with little me and of the real accomplishment I was to perform and 2. knowledge that I was creating the whole myself. I envisioned the whole as a whirling orifice, always withdrawing everything into itself as a point, vanishing and existing as nothing and still always streaming oppositely outwards. I was seeking identity with this whole. The medium of the heightening of the consciousness was in the light, triangulated with 36 years and the sun light carrying in messages from the galactic center. I felt the special galactic sensor in me which is always lined up right no matter which way I turn.

"I turned to face the south light which was filtered through a heavy grey cloud blanket. I became aware of the violent up and down my spine action (like N/S POLE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC action), this with bursts of light in head, enormous increase in power. Feeling of: I can do what I want. But I said "I want to do you" (you is the galaxy). Then followed a setting up of program in brain center or center of being. Almost mechanically, or should I say, a mechanism of insuring "doing the galaxy" was provided. The right codes were embodied and positioned.

My little self worried about seeing the way with the psychology of people, my weak field. But I was reassured that the right choices would be made. Apprenticeship is over, creative phase beginning. I never suspected I would be creating myself. I wish I could remember or write about the way this all looked. I gained fantastic new conceptions, so out of my framework, I have no way to retain consciousness of them, or communicate them. However, with patient science, it will come later.

"When the directions had been cast, it was all over. I was free but slightly disappointed not to feel changed. Everything was the same, in continuum. So I got sprouted wheat and water. And I aired it in this holy light. Breathed the air from this living material, ate and drank some. I let some sit open in the light for the early afternoon. Later I drank the water (from a scallop shell) for baptism. Poured some on my head and on Elizabeth's (almost two-year old) head. Later I'll eat the sprouted wheat raw. This is for triangulation with the first solid liquid and gas I had sensed.

"Speed of vibrations, quickening of moving rhythms and increase in some kind of heat seems to be the essence, pattern, trend or fruit of this experience. It certainly was the most profoundly beautiful trip I have had. Best of all, it had a sexy quality, as though the whole were an organ, involving me most intimately and involuntarily, leaving out none of me; even my lowest bodily manifestation is involved. It loves me. We loves it. Leit motif of the day: "Dance to the music of the universe". Earlier I put on my bells and occasionally danced, opened hair and tried to make rotations on axis on the angles of the sun, earth, zodiac path, moon, galaxy. This was an entertaining exercise. Elizabeth liked it. She said, "like that", smiled and tried to do it too."

See also Wholeo Galactic and timeline (work-in-progress).


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