"Grandpa's Rainbow", stained glass

"Grandpa's Rainbow" was a stained glass commission in 1968 (or before then, date uncertain) for the George and Ruth Resch home in Brooklyn Heights, New York. It went in a turret up high. I drew the cartoon and selected the glass at Mel Greenland's Greenland Studio, which did the fabrication. Another window not pictured went over the entry doorway.

corners, all 4

The imagery relates to the Wholeo root, notably Wholeo Dome. In 2013 this image suddenly revived etherially for me. See weB log for 12/23 and 12/24.

I should take this opportunity to say thanks to George Resch, my long gone friend. I met him in 1952 in the basement of Murphy Hall at the University of Minnestota. He was assistant editor of the Gopher, the yearbook. The editor was his partner, Wilma Fancher. As a freshman, I hung out there, learning photography, mostly from my boyfriend, Wally Hansen, and helping with all the yearbook tasks. As a sophomore, George and Wilma had left and I was the assistant editor of the 1954 Gopher.

By my junior year, I had gone into art, not journalism, and hung out in Jones Hall. I worked at the Bureau of Engraving preparing photos for client yearbooks. Art Instruction, Inc. was upstairs. The Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz was also upstairs. George worked nearby and we shared drinks after work each night. He connected me with his great inspiration and my photography teacher, Jerome Liebling. George also was friends with Nancy and Bob Pirsig that I knew from Murphy Hall, where they had started the "Ivory Tower". We visited them in Minneapolis and when they moved to Bethel, MN, opening my deep connection to Pirsig and my lifelong friendship with Nancy James.

After George moved to New York, I visited him several times over the years, marveling at his making a career with great integrity, establishing a business called Fundamental Photographs. My last contact with George was before 1970.

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