I and the Universe, oil painting diptych

human coiluniverse coil

I and ... ...... the Universe

A human spirit coil is a busy twist of activity. See it spiraling clockwise up to the left. At the top, in the search for the whole self it reaches out into the universe, spiraling the other way. See the opposite turns, cycling through vast granular infinities, returning to complete the human coil at the bottom. This is a vision of attunment to the whole.

completed coil

The bright magenta-colored coils highlight the path of a spirit coil to infinity and back again.

completed coil

This pair of paintings is owned by the artist, Caroling. It is called "I and the Universe" or "The Consorts".

Wonder in Aliceland book picture. Description of the natural human spirit coil in the prenatal development of psyche.

Chakra Levels 2014. How the spirit coil relates to chakras in a drawing.

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