Chakra Levels

Chakra Levels in 2014

Drawing in charcoal showing the interface between spinning chakras or energy centers of the body via the spirit coil to the whole.

Spirit Coil in two phases from Wonder in Aliceland In the drawing to the left, the general form of the spirit coil is the white spiral. This form encircles the body, which is within. The dotted line shows a phase of the spirit coil as it relates to memory at the point of consciousness. In 1978-9 I explored these forms in the book Wonder in Aliceland, the Prenatal Development of Psyche.

energy pattern superimposed on oil painting, a diptych named 'I and Universe' or 'Consorts'. The Chakra Levels drawing shows the interface to the spirit coil, at which area the aura is whole. The drawing to the right shows a pink energy pattern superimposed on oil paintings (a diptych named "I and Universe" or "Consorts"). The energy pattern shows how the spirit coil reaches out, traverses the unknown whole or infinity, and returns. It is not open-ended.

My insights and artwork have evolved in the almost 50 years since this drawing was done. I've found that almost everything I do is genuine and true, but incomplete. Like stepping stones, or gradually seeing through a fog.

Currently it seems to me that the 7 chakras relate to the plexuses and glandular systems in the body. There are also chakras related to other systems. Maybe systems that only some people activate or develop. The chakras aren't really separate. Energy paths may be wheels, but wheels in spacetime are spiral paths. Chakras are part of an energy interface.

So my answer to the question as to whether Chakra Levels is one or 7 chakras is that it is both. I haven't seen levels within a chakra except as arcs spinning. How do we interface to the whole? I have seen a spirit coil that spirals around the body and relates to the chakras and spine.

I have not looked back into my 1978 journal that probably have words relating to this image. To me today, the levels interface the spirit coil to the chakra energy system that subdivides within. In a holographic sense, each tiniest aspect of ourselves is modeled in the image of the whole. Not separate.

The dark spots are smaller elements that are involved at each level, not pollution or negative. More like nuggets or well-defined things.

So for example, when you are attending to heart energy you could sense Chakra Levels in relationship to the whole. You are trying to restore and enhance connection to and awareness of the whole.

I did this drawing in 1978. In 2006 these drawings seemed perfect to show the energy of the vision for Borders, a panorama of the Seaside sundial with visions. In 2009 I added it as chakraWhirls to my website on the page Chakra Levels and Chakras Speak.

In 2014 the impetus for a deeper investigation of Chakra Levels came via email. Lyriel Claire of wrote:

I am an energy healer. As such, I work extensively with the body's chakra system. I find your drawing of "Chakra Levels" quite compelling and I am wondering what inspired it. Is this ONE chakra, or all 7 Or is it 7 levels of one chakra?

Your drawing is the only depiction of its kind. Every other drawing shows the chakra as being shaped more or less like a tornado. But this one feels more "right" than the others.  Alas, I do not have "psychic sight," so I am unable to see these vortexes of energy; I do it all by sensing. So any further information you could provide would be truly helpful.

Thank you in advance.

I answered that I'm so happy to hear from you. I don't know how often people really look at and understand my work but I rarely hear from them. Thanks for describing so clearly your way of sensing chakra energy and asking how the drawing relates. As above.
See Monte Rio drawings.

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