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Details 16 minutes after the equinox (12:42pm CST)

Web and Computer Art in Florida - Borders

Between sundial and Xtals: intent

Xtals are psychic crystals. Xtals are etheric, not to be confused with mineral crystals.

QT Flash NOTIn 2009 there is a Flash version: small (282KB) or large (1.4MB). If you have QuickTime 7.1.3+, you will not see the visions. No Xtals. No intent. See the announcement. Interact with QuickTime movies without Flash tracks, showing a sundial; choose: Large (5MB), Medium (2MB), or Small (500KB). Download times may be long. If you don't have Flash, to see a trace of what was in these movies, see the screen shots.

The adept is at the border between the tonal and the nagual. The border is intent. Here is a quote paraphrased from Tales of Power by Castaneda, page 173. I've put my changes in italics to show my version of the original text. I replaced the warrior with you, the adept.

Whenever you are in the world of the tonal, you should be an impeccable tonal; no time for being irrational. But whenever you are in the world of the nagual, you should also be impeccable; no time for rational traps. For the adept, intent is the gate in between. It closes completely behind you when you go either way.

Maybe, maybe not. In reality it seems the border is permeable. Each world has elements of the other.

Previously the medium size QuickTime panorama entered a twilight zone of color but now it does not. The eight photographs for this panorama are from the exact time of the equinox. The animation came from dreamwork and happened just before and after this time.

The midday time of the equinox was windy with variable clouds. At the exact moment, the sky was overcast. I chose the panorama from this time (12:25pm - 12:27pm CST), marking the exact border between seasons and the time of balance between night and day. Photos on this page show sunshine marking times just before and after the equinox.

I chose the Seaside sundial site as an enclosed space marked off from the residential neighborhood with a thick hedge border as a special place for celebrating the passage of time, acted out in light and space by the heavenly spheres of earth and sun, in a stage set by human design.

The sundial is located in Natchez Park, Seaside. The inspiration comes from my Journal. The panorama is a World Wide Panorama (WWP) entry for March, 2006 on the theme: Borders. See some screen shots from the movie. Back to Web Art in Florida.

Detail five minutes before the equinox (12:21pm CST)

twelve o'clock

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