Evolving: 2006-March-11

Wake up and see light, like it is morning. Sit up and see clock it is 3:15. Why this wakeup? Is like the afterdeath wakeup at 3:30? Leo contact? I become receptive and see the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. I think I've gone there with Leo. The dome, rounded top and long pillars. Yes, its shape is something like Elobeing. Look there for other design clues. Then I go to another room. On the way, I feel myself getting tiny modules added to me, like maybe Leo got, that helped him advance so fast. Yes, Exploratorium. Start computer to write of this.

skeleton Xtals

Xtals (bio-crystals)Confidence crystals. Maybe in clumps of 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12. In red, blue, yellow, clear color differentiations, yet I don't see this at all clearly. But half a dozen placements here and there along lines of some psychic skeleton. See these as super sensory sunglasses to augment evolution. See them as evolutionary enhancers. Wow they glisten like jello and move right and left in 3 D like vibes. They are a radio transmit/receive device too. I feel them in kind of a muscular, nervous way in my body, particularly spine.


When search on "exploratorium palace of the legion of honor" I find that exploratorium is by Palace of Fine Arts and the Legion of Honor is another museum up in Lincoln Park. Seeing small pic at http://www.mapwest.com/tours/san_francisco_citypass_tickets.html, I see that there is a reverse view of the dome with pillars that is the Elobeing design theme. Like I should see what is within and without, not just thing in nothing but reverse figure and ground. Want to go back to sleep but this feels like fertile guidance window.

Looking for clothes to put on, I get that those trips in San Francisco were so necessary for our development. Daughter Eliz to Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin City Hall, too. But see that the impetus imaginatory, imaginative impetus coming from the money and success of golden west, the push to go west coming up to ocean, as far as you can get, and the idealism behind the memorials, the art sites, the world's fair of what that built the Palace of Fine Arts. Stairs, pillars, capitals, domes over arching themes of building. So the roots of the evolutionary design path we're on were prepared earlier.

Getting crazy ideas like 3, 11, 31, 1961, 2006 or maybe 2007 form some sort of , maybe 2012, sequence, significant sequence. Seeing Coit Tower as the one place that both Leo and Eliz visited. No, Eliz also to Exploratorium. 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition. Read online that the colonnade contains several statues of weeping women, supposedly symbolizing the sadness of the world. The California Palace of the Legion of Honor is actually a three-quarter-scale reproduction of the 18th century Palais de la Legion d'Honneur in Paris. The site overlooks Lincoln Park and the Presidio Golf Course. Should have gone there more often.

Back to sleep. Awake before 6 with strong dream.

I go to a museum and get totally involved in one of the exhibits, forgetting to watch my purse and a book like thing, object. When I want to go, i look and they are gone. I'm at home and trying to call on cell phone to report that purse has been stolen. There is some stuffing extruding from the phone. I try to pull it out but it is burning and toasted, I get it all out and try to think how to get it back together just for one call. It is hopeless. Where can I call from this neighborhood, like my childhood neighborhood?

Thinking on wakeup that I've looked at the wrong thing in museum and let my communication and paying device get sabotaged. After writing dream, remember more of it.

The phone is working and I hear streams of different kind of conversations. seeing them like iTunes visualization (as it was before it became commercial). Distracting but some greeting like hello. I say "this is the one who took my phone, right". Acknowledgement.

Dream work. I should be putting this online in real time. There might be some who need it. Difficult. Would have to conditionalize whole journal with a personal tag to protect info. And how about semi-personal. I could just do a tag that is blog and only blog that. Anyway, why do have phone, when purse is stolen? Why is phone working when it was burnt out? Maybe phone in pocket. Maybe talking was for first call to 911 and it shorted out to stealers, then it burnt out.

The first dreamwork thought was a message that I'd got the right vision of the dome but had gotten side-tracked in the museums. Thus losing my credit or ability to pay and putting me in touch with extraneous or bad guys.

I could take the pictures of my skeleton and overlay Flash jello movies of polyhedrons that quiver (up down maybe?) and move to right left front back when mouseover. Sunday morning. Perfect walk time between lakes. Could ask for more guidance and write it on walk. Did it, left before 7. Perfect. Found paper to write on: Crystals for wakeup dreams. Crystals stop moving. Xtals connect to lift chords cords connect to furling swirling twisting grey cloud. Alias (ally) as in Castaneda? Seems like a will representative reresentation of Leo Spirit or Elo. Despair of ever making consistent story. Is this what Leo used psychically to stabilize? Is this furling (iris?) then, mine now, or a noint joint transaction transpecies timewarp?

Focus on steady. I'm in the cloud, reminds me of artwork whirling grey with words, were chakras or what? The border is between the tonal and the nagual. The border is intent. From Tales of Power by Castaneda, page 173.

Whenever you are in the world of the tonal, you should be an impeccable tonal; no time for irrational crap. But whenever you are in the world of the nagual, you should also be impeccable; no time for rational crap. For the warrior, intent is the gate in between. It closes completely behind him when he goes either way.

swift chakra cloudSo I will get my skeleton and make jello crystals to take place and make a little Flash movie to appear at the gateway. No time. Ally green, could do the hedge to ally from NZ bush. The image of the cloud above is so familiar. I know I haven't animated it, so it seems like I've seen it in a movie, on TV, or on web. It is so swift, whipping around faster than a real cloud can do. Parts of it not only rotate, like wind, but shape shift. I must develop these images after March 15. But what elements can I assemble ahead of time?

For the WWP project, see Between sundial and Xtals: intent.

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