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Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

Page 121: "He explained that every human being had two sides, two separate entities, two counterparts which became operative at the moment of birth; one was called the 'tonal' and the other the 'nagual.'

Page 123: "'The tonal is everything we are,' ... 'Name it! Anything we have a word for is the tonal.'"

Page 125: "'The tonal is an island,' he explained.

Page 126: "'The nagual is the part of us for which there is no description--no words, no names, no feelings, no knowledge.'"

Page 127: "God is only everything you can think of, therefore, properly speaking, he is only another item on the island. God cannot be witnessed at will, he can only be talked about. The nagual, on the other hand, is at the service of the warrior. It can be witnessed, but it cannot be talked about.'" 'There, surrounding the island, the nagual is there, where power hovers.'"

Page 131: "' is more convenient not to explain it but to simply recount its effects.'"

Page 140: "There, the white man has never ventured. In fact, he doesn't even have the idea it exists.'"

Page 173: "'The point is to convince the tonal that there are other worlds that can pass in front of the same windows. The nagual showed you that this morning. So, let your eyes be free; let them be true windows. The eyes can be the windows to peer into boredom or to peek into that infinity."...
"All you have to do is to set up your intent as a customs house. Whenver you are in the world of the tonal, you should be an impeccable tonal; no time for irrational crap. But whenever you are in the world of the nagual, you should also be impeccable; no time for rational crap. For the warrior, intent is the gate in between. It closes completely behind him when he goes either way."

Page 189: "You want to explain the nagual with the tonal. That is stupid...'"

Page 227: "Personal power decides who can or who cannot profit by a revelation; my experiences with my fellow men have proven to me that very, very few of them would be willing to listen; and of those few who listen even fewer would be willing to act on what they have listened to; and of those who are willing to act even fewer have enough personal power to profit by their acts.


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