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Michael Green, Zen and the Art of Macintosh

Page 72: "Somehow, either the compassionate, intuitive, insightful (right) or the logical, scientific, conceptual, biocomputer (left) side of our nature assumes command, then ridicules, persecutes, and finally banishes the others. Cut off from the tempering influence of a partnership, the dominant one become a grotesque and dangerous caricature of itself."

Page 76: "The problem is that right-brain functions cannot be measured by left-brain tools. It can't be taught. It can only be caught. "

Page 144: "This is the domain of calculative thinking, and it's perhaps the most dangerous quality of our secular age."

Page 145: "It is grounded in the principle of splitting and dividing all things as a means of analysis and control."

Page 147: "The healing of this disharmony between calculation and contemplation is the process of Enlightenment, which reveals the essence of all thinking as an unbroken stream of pure consciousness."

Page 164: "In the arts of Zen, form is invariably balanced with emptiness--not just unfilled background, but a living emptiness..."

Page 180 " ... mystical surrender into the cloud of unknowing. The clear open space at the center changes everything. When life is full there is no history, nothing to report...The tranquility of the heart has no edges."

Page 183: "This deeper thinking is a step back from both left and right-brain activity. --to the field where they are taking place."

Page 184: "When we reach the point that it's OK even if nothing happens, then we Come Home."

Page 233: "All that is visible must grow beyond itself into the realm of the invisible."


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