Chakra Levels   Chakras Speak

Chakra Levels and Chakras Speak

Companion drawings in charcoal showing spinning chakras or energy centers of the body. Chakra Levels on the left. In 2014 I added a page Chakra Levels 2014 in answer to the question, What inspired you in Chakra Levels?

On the right, Chakras Speak has seven whirling levels. Each level expresses in word-like glyphs in a graphic language that came, invited but uninvented. The right drawing is signed "Caroling 1978". In 2011, seeing that the levels could correspond to a binary progression: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64.

In 2006 these drawings seemed perfect to show the energy of the vision for Borders, a panorama of the Seaside sundial with visions.

See also the Chakra Cloud in process. See Monte Rio drawings.

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