Chakra begins to spinColor

A Chakra Begins to Spin

In an instant the interior of the egg shape surrounding the fetus is filled with evanescent arcs surging in and out of the Navel Chakra. The arcs rounding outward reappear at the center. The arcs pressing inward contort the disc, emerging at the periphery. The unstable image jerks and splutters as if it has come with effort from another dimension. Or as if someone is showing a bad videotape of it, enlarging all the crude details.

The last reserves of tension are let go as the Chakra begins to spin. It spins both ways at once, the arcs with it! This multiplicity of motion has a blissful effect on Wonder. The utter polarity of the forces requires an extremely dynamic balance.

In the brain, Squirrel, Dog, and Bear are aroused, totally immersed in healing waves. "Let's go find Wonder," they agree and take to the dimly visible Chakra Chord.Both ways cross references Chakra cross references

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 15, middle right.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 88-89

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