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Cross References for Chakras

6 centersFor Chakras, I group cross-references by the kind of vision, rather than the medium. That is, it is not so important if the view is a drawing or a movie. What is important is the kind of content and the level of development, from 1.) basic human, through 2.) expanding, to 3.) evolutionary designs for a new species. The featured links do not include all references to chakras. For that, do a search on the Wholeo Online site. The graphic to the left is my first impression of chakras. The following are my visions from intuition.

Basic Human

chakraSay we naturally have about seven energy centers, anciently called chakras. Wonder in Aliceland book entries have descriptions in words and black and white drawings, from page 80 through page 93. The chakra arcs turn up in the sphere of the higher emotions. Memory beads 80 and 81 have to do with the evaluating and circulation faculties of the chakras.

Expanded awareness of basic human chakras

In the search for the whole self, as awareness expands, chakras become more sensitive. See OMlulu chakra shells (also called chakra energy spheres) and a variation, chakra shells; also chant.

During spiritual healing, Frank is tuned in to chakras.

Brief mention in Dream pools in waves of vibration.

At the end of this trip to Mt. Shasta is an intriguing insight into chakras.


With expanding consciousness, chakras play a large part. Breathe In, a stained glass panel in the dome Wholeo, describes a way to perform healing breathing affirmations.

Almost the entire Kriya Yoga book involves chakras. Start with page 1. An eighth breathing is leading to the beyond, starting on page 17.

By the time of the Light Body book, there are nine chakras.

Whole Light Beings are associated with an expanded set of nine chakras. See a firing order (graphic).

Your choice of QTVR or Flash movie shows the spirit of a person gathering colors to 12 chakras and relating them to 7.

The very end of this page describes a way to practice with chakras.

In the book On the Way to Machu Picchu there is a vision of 14 chakras. Chakras appear on these pages: 12, 13, 20, 24, 25, 26, 29, 38, 39. 44, 50, and 58.

In a vision of how to detoxify oil and dispersant residue or fumes from the BP oil spill of 2010, chakras appear all over and even outside the body.


There are several mentions of chakras in the evolution design pages. On the exhibit stage these are the Elobeing chakras (Flash).

These chakras of Elobeing also appear here in an all around view (Java applet).

Comparing human and Elobeing chakras (graphic).

Here are graphics of Chakra 12 in blue and two orange backgrounds (big orange). Chakra12 is the top layer in Radar Awry (QTVR movie).

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