Homage to Frank and Georgiana Burt

Georgiana Burt passed away peacefully on 19 December 2003. Hear what she said, "There is no death." For her it is a transition. I honor her spirit, which is neither here nor there. The same as I honor the spirit of her survivor, Frank. My pages related to her passing: text and visions movie.


altar Burts Burts in Yosemite

Frank and Georgiana Burt brought spiritual healing into my life, earning my eternal gratitude. What is 'spiritual healing'? A statement hand-written by Georgiana tells the principles, as she understands them. They think of themselves as animistic pantheists. Animistic is the belief that natural phenomena and inanimate things have souls. Pantheists believe that God and nature are one. I agree that consciousness is everywhere.

In the late 1970s, I was ready for these ideas. I went to a regular Tuesday night gathering at their house in Sebastopol, California, USA. It was called the Summerland Light Center. We sat in a circle in a special light blue room that they kept enlarging to hold the growing number of participants. We sat quietly.

A couple of people sat in the center: one to be healed, the other as the "battery." Frank usually started doing the healing, asking that the doctors and healers in the spirit world would help too. He rejuvenated the aura, tuned into the chakras, and the energy streaming from his hands was unmistakable. Both Frank and Georgiana would get guidance and often this would be very helpful both to the person being healed and others. It was amazing to me the amount of intuitive communication we all seemed to have when we began to trust each other.

After awhile many of us began to do the healings and share in the guidance. Hearing different aspects coming through several people greatly expanded the concept of being human, including how we can synergize energy, help each other, and all we can know and do and unexpected ways we can be. After the healing session, the Burts served dinner featuring heaping salads with food they grew in their own garden.

Now Frank and Georgiana have moved to Kauai, Hawaii and then back to Northern California. Debbie Belansky, Melissa Weaver, and many others carried on the Summerland Light Center tradition. As of the year 2000, it is a corporation and continues services in Sebastopol, California. I attended a recognition for the original friends of the center and was spellbound by stories from many other spiritual children of this couple. I am not alone saying, "Thank you, Frank and Georgiana".

Here are some pictures of them from my books:

Frank has and Georgiana had nothing to do with this web page. See it as my view of them. They sent me the photo. The statement is by Georgiana, in her handwriting, so that part is authentic and genuine, and will help you understand how they opened me to be more conscious of spiritual energies directly. They taught me about getting guidance and channeling it.

In 2005 Frank Burt told me he refers people to this page for information. In 2006 I'm adding the text of three more undated statements that I received from the Summerland Light Center. Count Your Blessings (a brief history of the Summerland). Summerland Purpose Statement. Divinity.

Note: I have lost contact with the Burts. I have no contact information.

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