A Summerland Light Center paper

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Count Your Blessings

A brief History of the Summerland


1973 Study Groups begin

1975 Unfoldment Groups begin

1977 Weekly Healing Group begins

1977 Tuesday night Dinner added to Healing Group

1979 Sunday Morning Service of Praise & Gratitude begins

1983 Ground Breaking for Gathering Place

1984 Gathering Place opens!

1990 Gathering Place closes & Burts move to Hawai'i

Thereafter a few hardy committed souls meet at Debbie Belansky's regularly for services.

Later meetings move to Melissa's home and continue on until recently when meetings move to Monnet's home.

Caroling, your artistry and visions are deeply appreciated. You give much to this world through your works for and with the Spirit World. You have and continue to be a good mother to your children as well as to the Earth and its peoples. Keep on with your good work. May you soar to the highest! God blesses you.

Note: I have lost contact with the Burts. I have no contact information.

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