Summerland Purpose Statement

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The Summerland Light Center is a growing community of friends and families who come together on a regular basis for the purpose of celebration, healing, praise and gratitude, and to support the natural unfoldment of our innate spirituality.

We support, encourage and nourish one another by honoring and celebrating our differences, and by creating a safe space to open and spread our light, our love, our joy, our passion and our dreams.

At the Summerland we seek to understand, practise and apply Spiritual Law, striving to be conscious and deliberate creators of our universe. In our circle we minister to each other, understanding that the outer world reflects the inner world.

We give thanks to our teachers who are all around us and within us in both the natural and spiritual worlds. We know the possibilities of creation are limitless.

We understand ALL is WELL!

Wecome to our Circle of Love!

Note: I have lost contact with the Burts. I have no contact information.

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