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This is a journal of my visions for Georgiana Burt, December 19-25, 2003. This is the plain text version. See the same text with small graphics from the movie inserted. The movie scene title appears in parenthesis at the start of related text (movie scene). See the movie.

12/19/2003 Frank called at 6 to say Georgiana passed away at 4 a.m. Pacific time. I'm stunned. About in that place in yoga where I was doing the hieloheal to her, the bow to her.

(node net) This time I get kind of a network of marble sized nodes, like a full afro hair do, no just about 12 nodes or so but over out back of spine and shoulder blades. To accept this gift I pull them in, kind of like quabala tree of life in me. Now can steady her and her guidance conforms to mine. Is a gift from her. I see there is a new moon on the fourth day after this. Frank is so cheerful, trying to be. She would want him to be. There is no death she often had said. So what is this then? Transition.

12/20 Georgiana on her death bed awaiting cremation, gathering her spirit, leaving her body in the incredible gradual transition.

(spirits and laugh) And yet this spirit laughing away as she always did. And her guidance, her spirits are all here. Looking different to me of course, keeping their distance. In my dream last night, space place was chock full of spirits. All the voodoo Haitians and the spirit guides here. Here.

12/21 Got a meditation for Georgiana, like a healing.

(chakra peeps) See her chakra signals like the little fish worms in shells on reefs, scared to emerge, but looking out, a few bubbles escaping underwater. I ask her spirit guides to return to her now. She's been wounded and crippled and drugged and trying to please people and trying to adjust dying to her too-sweet preconceptions and easy life-successes. Now she's back in the spirit world. I see the light part is not a problem. It is the whole teddy bear darks the complementary shadows that have been banned for so long. I urge them to heal her. I see them clustering around her. And of course when light and dark are together in spirit world doesn't resemble our consensus reality at all. And it is not my business so I am here wishing her blessings.

12/22 New moon day. Whole lot of whole body Georgiana healing leave taking going on. Ever since I got up for almost an hour, every time I let attention leave local concerns, I feel it is happening at cellular level. Say goodbye in any way possible.

(cell alert) To me it is a distinct bodily feeling. I could work to find metaphors for how it relates to familiar sensations and I will. But it is clear that this is a kind of happening I've never felt before.

It is as if each building block of me (which is not entirely really rectangular based but easier to see that way) is slightly expanded or surrounded with skin of awareness of consideration of what? Is it a final recapitulation?

I don't really need to know that do I? I'll always be with Georgiana and her spirits won't I? I wonder if Gabriel knows? Sent email. Keeping web connection on this morning.

All the chakras, including the base and root, are flaming. Inner cremation is not destruction but ignition. Time to light an incense.

(ultra violet radiation) Started carolyoga about 10:15 a.m. and get the ultraviolet light bulb image, like G is changing to shorter wavelengths or irradiating to purify.

(body beads) In Elizabeth/OMlulu stage of carolyoga, I see strings of shell beads, like flat buttons threaded together into body-sized necklaces. This is the transmission of info and I want it to be her heritage passed on maybe through me. Maybe directly to her, I can't tell. The buttons are mostly neutral, warm, and cool, with bluish tones, like mussel shells.

Looked at journal entries for F&G index and searched on Georgiana after her last service in fall of 2001. (Explanation: Georgiana didn't want a funeral. She held a service before she was ready to die, where each person said what Georgiana had meant to them.)  The only note was that she was facing darkness.

It is that darkness I must interrogate. What? I need to walk after dark for her? Fear. Maybe just pace my deck?

(glassy bands) Such a profound feeling yoga. After first between greetsun, where sang my eagle and so on out loud to Georgiana, see waves, like vertical transparent glass bands traveling right to left across darkless, sic, darkness. Looking at the 1998 meditation space graphic I called guide.jpg. Seeing the Eastern Lake tributary to Ester picture, the darkness behind and the guide.

(glow shaft) Seeing Georgiana's vertical illumination band as a golden orange, pale transparent glimmer, not a bright garish real sun. A light transmission from stillness. Like she got it and it is not dark to be feared.

(arching pops) Imagining last healings people would be giving her, lying in state. All of a sudden her eyes pop open, body arches with a rigid spasm and her eyeballs glisten like two full green emerald marbles. Like she awakes to some aspect of her state. She does not go easily into that (sweet) night.

(Noint Joint) I didn't note that the green marbles were instantly Noint Joint nodes. Now I wonder if that was the moment of creation. sic, cremation. In the evening, an email from Frank says this was G's cremation day.

12/23 Looking at yesterday's experience I see the last writing I did about Georgiana was the eye popping of two emerald green marbles. Hmmm, contemplating them now, see they are swirling like marbles and have a crystal ball aspect. I could look into them. Need to go to Noint Joint and look from the other side, from the right side. Align the two spheres. Then go into the near one and will get a healing. Or vision. Or trace of path.

(color transformation) I see I didn't write of the body intracellular articulation intensity change. It changed to smoothness, like a liquid flux flow, gentle. That was before the electric shock eye popping. Then a vision of the node, from green to amber to light blue, reminding me of Ester drop transforming.

(Smallest Unit of Death) And then a most interesting shape. Like the start of a Smallest Unit of Life (SUL) from the bottom. Maybe suggested vertical ribs of an SUL spherical outline. But this has a bottom tiny coil that seems to emit bubbles occasionally. But the tip top looking like a growth potential most-likely-to-change element. But not completing a zap.

Proto SUL

I'm sort of hoping she chooses to go to Bened and ^elo^ and help with eloEvolution and the Elobeing. I don't know, this coil looks like it might be earth bound.

12/24 Got guidance to do a new color healing for today called emancipation. The background color (Svaeieia) is the lightest blue and Shiminanene is a little greener blue, so I guess this is right. Evolution, movement, needs, flow, is the rune order. And with physical placement rounds back. Metatron rosy red love is a G color too. wyneth. Eth. Elth.

From G lots of visions. Have to walk out where ever, whenever. Won't be any help if it is dark. Learning to see in the dark has nothing to do with your eyes and the world. Can wear double dark glasses if want to.

(Earth aura) At end of yoga in meditation, sensed what it is like now; a respite, not having to focus. Fulfillment of death wish, like positive rosy red Gaia aura, surrounding earth with this love as she so often did on earth, but now being what she formerly visualized. Knowing Gaia in this way. Not even asking for the tremendous responsibility of Gaia. That is to try to see how it is that Gaia is perfect and positive when we see so much negativity.

The green marble overlaps the other and the intersection is yellow or amber, but when click together turns light blue.

I see the 1/2 SUL inner coil, which I guess is me and another one flipped at the top. You might think it is a whole Zap but no, two separate halves. Both going the same way, that is so when they meet in the middle they just do that. Don't connect. Then the focus was on this bubble at the tip of the coil. Keeping it well-shaped and intact. That's where the contact and communication happens. Other coil from a beyond reality, not of this one.

In a sense seems like this makes not a SUL but a Major Event of Transformation (MET) body. A hybrid MET. Very good thing. But rather new. Actually at one point, believe that a line of bubbles coming through from G's side, actually top, but upside down for her, since I'm looking from my ground.

The individual coil part could be a Smallest Unit of Death (SUD). Holding a clear bubble at the top aperture is the goal and achievement. Overlapping this from life below, as in channeling, is the attempt.

12/25 See Georgiana as mask for Native American. Her root. Back to African. Earth identity. A grain of yellow corn.

Georgiana's recapitulation. Throw in what you want to get past. Write it and toss it into the bliss blue yonder, that is, oblivion.

Considering my parents' attitude, which was, When you are gone, that's it. Ever over Shasta, that is Iver and Ev hovering over Gray Butte. Georgiana is welcomed there and they all three zoom down to Gaia Point and take off. So quick, it's over.

12/26 It looks like something I could conceive of or that I might suggest. I'm not at all sure that really happened. I seem to have lost touch.

12/28/2003 Transition service for the living.

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